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Pet Vaccination Guide

Vaccination is an essential preventive care that you should provide for your pet. Learn how it works and how to decide on the best vaccination program for your pet's needs.

Symptom Checker

INTERACTIVE DIAGRAM showing the main symptoms caused by the most frequent chronic diseases in dogs and cats. And reverse. You'll see they often overlap, which makes the diagnosis difficult.

Cats/Dogs preference

Which states prefer cats to dogs? 4 INTERACTIVE maps illustrate the differences among US states regarding dog and cat population, ownership, and care. A final approach is proposed.

How to Estimate Your Dog's Age in 5 Easy Steps

Calculate dog age in human years. Learn where it comes from. Understand the different ways to assess your dog's life expectancy. An infographic is included!

Adult fleas

They are the most critical stage of the flea life cycle. Although they are not numerous, they are the only ones causing nuisances and health disorders. They also are the most exposed to flea treatments.

Flea larvae

Flea larvae are very different from adults. In every respect: habitat, diet, behavior. They are the reservoir for future infestation by adults. Ignoring them is often the reason for treatment failure.

Flea pupae

The pupa is the stage during which the flea undergoes its metamorphosis from larva to adult. Pupae can survive up to one year, thus making them a long-lasting reservoir for future flea reinfestation.

Flea eggs

Flea eggs are barely visible, and they are not harmful by themselves. But they are the most numerous life form of fleas. That's why, if you're not careful, they can jeopardize the effectiveness of your flea control program.

Lice in cats

Lice are not the most dangerous parasites for your cat. Lice infestations are not very frequent either. But you need to pay attention and take action though, before you can't control the situation.

Do Mosquitoes Bite Dogs?

Mosquitoes can bite dogs despite their heavy fur ! They can transmit diseases too. Learn what risks your dog is running and how you can prevent bites...

U.S. Veterinary Clinics Marketing Potential

This post walks you through all the statistical data available to veterinary clinics' managers, including the most granular ones, at a county level, and illustrated with interactive graphics.