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Guide to Pet Vaccination

The immune system protects against infections by any type of pathogenic microbe. It is very sophisticated and very effective, but sometimes a bit slow. You need to start here if you really want to understand how vaccination works.

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From theory to practice: to get your pet properly immunized you will need to consider many factors such as its age, lifestyle and medical condition as well as the vaccines’ route of administration or potential adverse events.

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Dog core vaccines are effective against viruses that cause serious or lethal diseases to dogs, are very contagious or can be transmitted to humans. They should be given to any dogs whatever the situation.

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Dog vaccines against parainfluenza virus or Bordetella, Borrelia and Leptospira bacteria are non core vaccines. They are the optional vaccines that you have to choose from to complement the core vaccines program.

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The viruses that are very contagious and/or very detrimental to your cat’s health deserve a special attention. Vaccines protecting against them should be given to any cat regardless of its exposure to infections or its lifestyle.

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A vaccination strategy for pet should be limited strictly to the vaccines that are really necessary. Even more so in cats which are exposed to the Feline Injection Site Sarcoma. Here is the description of the optional vaccines to choose from.

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