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About Animal Patient

"We Help You Gain Insight into

Your Pet's Health"


Useful information

You visit our site for a good reason: you try to get answers to the questions you're asking about the health of your pet.

It is our goal to deliver this information in a rapid and easily understandable way.

This does not replace a veterinary consultation, though. But it should help improve the quality of the discussion you will have with your vet or the nurse and, allow you to focus on the issues that really matter to you.

Engaging content

Informative does not necesserally mean boring!

Because we are dealing with a lot of technical issues, we strive to present the information in the clearest way possible.

This means undertaking substantial work for analyzing and synthesizing the necessary information and creating many visual aids.

We also designed an attractive, light, highly flexible and very fast website to facilitate page loading on mobile devices including in areas with poor mobile coverage.

Science-based approach

Yet another website about pets' health...!

There are so many on the web! It can get confusing at the end. And sometimes the information we get there is not consistent.

We feel at Animal Patient that providing you with useful and engaging information is not enough. We think you need to know where the explanations you get here come from.

This the reason why we, in our posts and as much as possible, present you with scientific references or link you to trustworthy websites.

Curiosity driven

This the cherry on the cake.

This is the fuel for our engine.

At Animal Patient, we strongly believe that curiosity is a very positive emotion. It helps us keep motivated and dig everytime a little bit deeper in the topics we tackle.

We hope you'll feel that when reading one of our posts. It should make your reading experience more captivating, increase your attention and, at the end, encourage you to look for more pieces of information.





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About Gilles Ventejol

Animal Patient was founded by Gilles Ventejol (LinkedIn profile) in 2016.

Gilles holds a Master of Science degree in life and environmental sciences and technologies from ENSAIA, a "Grande Ecole", or "elite public university-level college".

Gilles has been a marketing professional in the Animal Health industry for more than 20 years.

He marketed and launched many veterinary medicines, and in these occasions, created a lot of educational material for veterinarians, nurses or pet owners. He attended to numerous veterinary events and organized international veterinary conferences.

Gilles also was a marketing project manager and collaborated with R&D departments to new product developments.

National product launches: Ectodex®, Panacur®, Alizine® (first country), Karsivan®, Scalibor® (first country).

International product launches: Prilium®, Dolpac®, Ipakitine®, Azodyl®.

Contribution to the development of new projects in the fields of: anti-infectives, anti-inflammatories, anti-parasitics, cardiology, nephrology, vaccines.

Other area of expertise: reproduction.

Organizer of International Events: Consensus summit on the cardio-renal axis (Nice - 2009) - International Experts roundtable on renal disease (Louiseville-2006).

Attendee at: American College of Veterinary Medicine (ACVIM) - European College of Veterinary Medicine (ECVIM) - World Small Animal Veterinary Association congress (WSAVA) - British Small Animal Veterinary Association congress (BSAVA).